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I've been hearing rumors that Hasbro may just allow a live action movie for Jem and The Holograms in the not to distant future to be made. Or a re-vamp of the series. This was brought on by the success of Hasbro favorites Transformers and GI Joe. For this reason alone, Hasbro has signed a six movie contract with Universal to make six different movies based on popular series/games they owned. Candy land, Ouija, Clue and Monopoly to name a few. Yeah that's right, they are making a movie about Monopoly and Candy land. Go figure.

For those of you who don't know about Jem and the Holograms, here's a link:…

Now as a fan of the series this is some very good news. Jem was a fantastic cartoon show made in the 80's that appealed to young girls and even some adults. Why? Go to the link above or YouTube it if you don't know. Its better to see for yourself why people love it. It's considered to be #3 of Hasbro's more successful cartoons, behind Jem's two brother series' GI Joe and Transformers. However unlike these two Jem never got a chance to be re-booted or have a spin-off like the transformers or GI Joe did. Which is sad, especially given the huge fan following this series has. I mean, they have a convention dedicated to the series, that's pretty sweet. Regardless people who were born long after it came out call themselves fans after watching only two or three episodes. Myself included.

There is something that bothers me however. If they make a live action movie of Jem chances are they're going to fuck it up badly. Look at what they did to Transformers and GI Joe. Transformers was more about the life and times of Sam Witwicky, his slut girlfriend and some random alien robots. GI Joe's live action movie was considered the worst thing the franchise ever went through. People even thinking the 80's cartoon film to be better entertainment. Yeah, it really was that bad. What's worst was how the directors and staff wrote out the scripts; its like they've never even seen the original series before. So how would Hasbro or Universal direct a re-booted Jem movie? They have a lot of work to do to pull it off 5 reasons being:

1.)Finding GOOD actresses and actors who can sing and act: Something hard to find now a days. Since Jem and her band (and a majority of the characters) are made up of young women in their late teens to early twenties its going to be a pain finding good actresses to fill their roles. One thing most people are afraid of, myself among them, is someone casting people like Miley Cyrus, Hillary Duff, or Lindsy Lohan in any role. There's also the justifiable fear of racial stereotyping. Transformers 2 was in abundance of that and given this is a multi-ethnic cast I'm afraid it would end up being just like the Bratz live action film. Or worst, white-washing it like Avatar: The Last Airbender. Writers putting Innuendos are another fear given that this is a film with mostly women, or like the worst stereotypes with women in lead roles: ultra-feminist man haters who beat the big bad corporation guy who's so obviously sexist with girl power! This movie needs decent actresses and actors to be in it. The reason why fans bitch about a lot of what happens in these re-booted movies has to do with it being nothing like the original series to begin with. It doesn't have to be exactly like it but get the characters and their motives right or improve on it!

2.)Finding a good director for the film: I swear if Michael Bay is chosen to direct this I will fucking kill everyone at Hasbro I hate this fucker so much. He screwed everyone over with Transformers and continues to do so with the sequels. Hasbro had better get off it's ass and put some effort into their films otherwise they'll just end up with poorly written and badly directed piles of garbage. Get someone who knows what they're doing Hasbro! Not someone who likes to blow shit up because he can.
3.)Christy Marx HAS to write the script: No one else can do it but her. Marx is the reason Jem even exists to begin with. If she doesn't play at least a part in writing the script, then it all goes to Hell. No point in watching it.

4.) Music for the soundtrack: The series was remembered for having at least two to three songs in every episode as it was about musicians. I guess if it were a musical it wouldn't be so bad, but make it one like Moulin Rouge or Phantom of the Opera. Where they don't break out into song all the time like in a classic 50's musical, but the actors and actresses do sing of course. This series was also taken seriously with some episodes trying to get a point or message across. While it may sound preachy it was well done so the movie shouldn't have any excuse.

5.)Marketing to the fans old and new: Hasbro is just now realizing what a huge fan following the series has. So I would strongly recommend they re-boot Jem as a cartoon series before making a movie. Like with Transformers and GI Joe. If an animated series is made and distributed then chances are it will become a huge hit and that in turn will lead to people demanding merchandise (which is what Hasbro loves) and eventually a movie. This has proven the most effective in Transformers and Jem I'm sure will do great. People born ten to twenty years after the series ended can fall in love with it, then a well made re-boot would work perfectly.

I know I sound loud and insane and watching the Nostalgia Critic all day doesn't help what with swearing but I wanted to get my point across. If Hasbro DOES decide to re-boot the franchise with an animated series more power to them. If they go with a movie first, then Heaven help them. Any comments for discussion are welcome.…
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SteamAgent Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2010
Knowing the process of resurrecting 80's cinema these days, this would almost certainly end in tears. Lots of mascara-ruining tears.
LilyAquarius Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2010
Most likely. I don't trust Hollywood anymore with any show or series I've come to love.
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January 12, 2010